How To Dictate Into Focus Studio

How to dictate into Focus Studio

The dictation mode in Focus Studio serves two purposes: 

  • Customize the Automatic Speech Recognition model to your voice: 
    • Capture your voice, including intonation and accent.
    • View the results of dictating real financial products in real-time and correct the results. 
    • GreenKey uses this corrected data to enhance the automatic speech recognition model to increase accuracy. 
  • Identify if there are any products or trading structures not yet recognized or if the formatted output needs to be customized for downstream applications.

Dictation modes

There are two options to dictate into Focus Studio: 

  • Microphone dictation
  • Call dictation: Use your mobile phone to speak to our engine - useful if you do not have access to an USB or headphone microphone. 

Both modes are described below. 

Model selection

Before getting started, select the model you want to use when dictating in Training Mode from the dropdown. 

Model selection

Note: Only one model is currently available in the trial version of Focus Studio: USD GBP EUR Interest Rate Swaps. Please contact gk at if you’d like to enable another model. 

Microphone entry

The Microphone dictation tab under the Training Mode page is the default page when you open Focus Studio. 

Microphone entry


Use the 3 steps described in the image above to read in dummy quotes from the onboarding script: 

Step 1: Click and hold down the microphone icon.

Step 2: Read a sample quote either from suggestion list or from your list. 

Step 3: Release the button when you finish each quote to turn transcription off.

Call-in dictation

If your firm has blocked access to the microphone, select the Call Dictation tab under the Training Mode page. The number to call and pin code are displayed on the page.Call-in dictation

Call instructions

Dial the number, enter the pin followed by # . You will hear a beep and you can start inputting quotes. 

To begin a fresh quote fresh press * followed by # where:

    • `*` will stop a quote transcription
    • `#` will start a fresh quote transcription
      When you finish inputting your quotes, hang-up..