Focus Studio: Sep 2020

New features released in September edition of Focus Studio

Build a custom NLP model in minutes

We've made it even easier to build a customized NLP model in Focus Studio with a new model interface that reduces the time it takes to customize. See the status of assets being processed, explanation of model features, and customization milestones all in the same interface.


Track model agreement in real-time

As you make annotations, Focus Studio now tracks how well your annotations agree with our out of the box models so you can gain confidence in how the model is performing.

Model Agreement

Unlock Fixed Income and Equities conversations
Focus Studio now features enhanced models for Fixed Income and Equities documents and audio or Bloomberg chat conversations.
Drag-and-Drop upload of files

Upload text transcripts and documents with ease with our new drag-and-drop upload interface.
One-click Training
When you're ready to train your model, you can do so with a single click directly from the model interface.