Focus Studio Windows installation guide

Instructions to install Focus Studio on your PC.

Please follow the instructions of the installation process below. You can also download the guide here.


Install Process
This article describes the installation process of the OpenFin installer of Focus Studio.

The installer for an OpenFin application will download the OpenFin platform on first launch of the installer. Please ensure that the following URLs are whitelisted:

  • Application Vendor Domain .com – (Where the application is hosted)
  • – (OpenFin License Information)
  •  (Platform components, used on install/upgrade of the platform)
  • (When using the OpenFin Web Installer Direct Download link)
  • (OpenFin analytical information)
  • (OpenFin app directory)

Downloading the installer
For current OpenFin customers that have the OpenFin RVM installed on their desktop :


Follow this link if you don’t have the OpenFin RVM installed:

Extract the .ZIP file and run the EXE file.


Install process

Running the installer will start the following process.

The OpenFin Assets (Runtime Version) will automatically be downloaded after the RVM install process is complete.  This is downloaded from


Desktop icons and start menu shortcuts

A Desktop and Start menu shortcut will be created for your application.  


File structure and install locations
Opening the .ZIP file and running the EXE file will pull down the OpenFin RVM, OpenFin Runtime and will also set up the folder structure in the default install location under the customers user profile.  The install location is fully customizable.


Runtime folder structure
The OpenFin Runtime Version will be placed into the Runtime folder.


Should an issue occur during installation, an error will appear on screen with the support email specified by the application owner.  

Alternatively log files can be found in the installation location and sent manually. 


For any additional support or queries please contact