Focus Studio: 2020 Oct

Checkout the new features in this month's Focus Studio

Custom entity, intent, sentiment labels

Add any label you want to any of our models, and GreenKey's Natural Language Processing engine will learn how to identify similar data in the future.

Additional product class models & reports

We've added new models for IRS and FX transactions and Fixed Income and Equity research along with our popular reports like Missed Opportunities and Product Mentions.

Audio file processing

Now you can drag and drop recordings of your firms' internal meetings and tag important information.

Chat XML support

Drag and Drop your Bloomberg XML files directly into Focus Studio, then search for particular conversations based on firm name or speaker to process with a model.

More intuitive annotation experience

We've made several improvements to our annotation interface to make it easier to identify entity labels and fewer clicks to validate data.

Read-only view of base model output

See what GreenKey's models pull out of the box without having to make any customizations in the new read-only interface.