Focus Studio: 2020 January

Version 1.0

Release Date: Jan 30th, 2020 

Focus Studio allows our end users to: 

  • Pick a pre-built model by gk;

  • Use Training Mode to dictate quotes and explore the fields of the extracted structured data;

  • Explore the data in Focus Studio;

  • Explore the insight reports generated on the dataset.

Supported base interpreters

The current base interpreters are supported in this version: 

  • Euro Interest Rate Swaps

  • Sterling Interest Rate Swaps

  • Dollar Interest Rate Swaps

New features

Released in OpenFin

  • Windows XP and up

  • Focus Studio is available as an OpenFin desktop application. Read more about System Requirements here

Training Mode - pick a pre-built financial model and optimize it for your NLP workflows

  • View quotes and trades immediately after dictation 

  • Supports USB mic

  • Supports call-in via phone number/pin code

  • Supports pasting text from Bloomberg chat

JSON Viewer

  • Explore the extracted fields of your NLP output

  • Copy/paste button to clipboard

Data Viewer

  • View and search all interpreted quotes 

  • Export to CSV


  • View reports generated on available data

  • Download available reports directly from the app

Video Tutorials

  • Quick how-to videos to help getting starting with the app

Known Issues