Focus Studio: 2020 February

Version 2.0
Release date: Feb 27, 2020


New functionality

  • Tagging & Corrections
    Users are now able to edit not only the transcript and formatted output but also the extracted fields such as currency, quantity, etc.
  • On-demand generation of reports
    We re-designed the reports page and integrated it with the report generation engine to allow users to generate new insight reports directly from Focus Studio.
  • Text Analysis
    Paste or type any text and analyze it in real-time with the new plain text mode. This allows users to type in messages exactly as they would into their chat application or to paste emails.

Additional Enhancements

  • Ability to view all transcripts in DataViewer including those do not have an interpreted quote, e.g. conversational messages like “hi”

  • Ability to search quotes and transcripts in DataViewer

  • We added some UI changes to help users learn how to use the app: product help hover messages & additional welcome screen on “how to get started”.

  • Link to release notes directly from the app to read what’s new.

    Known Issues